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Shawn Kingsberry – Peace Love and Happiness

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer Shawn Kingsberry creates full-bore fusion of jazz, neo-soul, and R&B that spreads smooth, soothing soundscapes. Shawn utilizes a blend of both live and analog instruments into a broad palette of electronic samples and sounds. Shawn developed a fantastic set of skills over years in the music business, which include working in a production unit of TJ Thompson, (Immature.) Also, he has also produced music for Harvey Alston, (Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley.) In many ways, Shawn Kingsberry has evolved into a poetic professor of his unique “Academy of Style.” Within the Shawn Kingsberry EP he beckons listeners to chillax inside the walls of his brand new, “old-school” sound.

He comments about his new album: “2017 was a year of reflection on where we are today, where we came from and where our compass headings will take us. As we wake up every day watching the news, listening to the radio, or reading the news feeds, we cannot escape the sadness, negativity, and violence surrounding us. Peace Love & Happiness is my attempt to escape the world by creating a place of music, soul, and happiness to bring joy to my listeners”.

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