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Gébert-Ulbert Project – Healing Hands (Live)

Gébert-Ulbert Project was founded by pianist Attila Gébert and guitarist Ulbert Ferenc in 2011, after many years of joint performance. The members of the band are professional young musicians who, besides the band’s work, have been able to show their talents in numerous video clips and recordings, in the works of renowned Hungarian and foreign artists. Formation basically plays instrumental music, but it is accompanied by excellent singer performances for concerts, bringing a more colorful program to the stage. Over the past few years, the band has turned to a number of jazz-blues festivals, clubs and concert halls throughout Europe and became one of the dominant spots of domestic music. The musical openness of the ensemble is spiced by the popularity of members in a variety of genres. Their repertoire, which consists largely of their own compositions, has received the most demanding blues, jazz, and soul music.

Within the band, musicians can realize their unique ideas and serve the true delight of the discerning audience. Their concerts are real pleasure lurks where the frantic mood is guaranteed. In 2016, the band received a special prize at their Wild Butterfly song at the International Song Contest of The 32nd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest of Washington. The prize was taken over at the Galaxy in January in Washington. In the same year at the “Hollywood Songwriting Contest” songwriting competition, they won the “Official Finalist” award with their Find My Way songwriter. Both songs were also on the band’s first album, released in February 2016.

The new album Healing Hands (2017) is available on