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Dan Siegel – Origins

According to his official biography keyboardist Dan Siegel has already released twenty solo albums. With Origins he has just launched his newest project. Anew a collaboration with bassist Brian Bromberg.

Beside Dan and Brian are performing Allen Hinds (electric guitar), Ramon Stagnaro (acoustic guitar), Craig Fundyga (vibraphone), Rogerio Jardim (voice), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums) and Lenny Castro (percussion). All compositions and arrangements are by Dan.

The term Rite of Passage envelops the visitor in an aura of the mysterious and mystical. Siegel, however relies on the familiar environment, proven chords and harmonies. There is nothing wrong with that, because he perfected them. Alexander Graham Bell made the famous announcement “When one door closes another opens”. When One Door Closes musically distributes the optimism that underlies this statement.

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Isamu McGregor – Resonance

For something a little different, give a listen to pianist Isamu McGregor’s Resonance (Ghost Note Records, 2017). The music moves from breathtaking to symphonic to placid to hard-charging.

The players are Evan Marlen, bass; Gene Coye, drums; Bennie Maupin, bass clarinet on “The Drifter”; Seamus Blake, tenor sax on “Relentless”; and Dean Anbar, guitar on “Thor vs. James Brown.”

“Relentless” begins softly as if a sun slowly rising. Blake opens, with McGregor slowly building until the music warms up and the others join in. Coye injects some broken-time strikes. For the opening and much of the melody, the piano remains rooted in a static beat, changing up every so often. The music rises and softens, suggesting it may be over. But as the name suggests, the respite is temporary. On the next pass, things become intense with Blake out front, the leader doing his thing and Coye augmenting it all.

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Demetrius Houser – Power of Love

Hailing from San Bernadino now Riverside, California resident gifted keyboardist Demetrius Houser creates Power of Love. Peaceful and smooth love music. Easy listening. A project for music lovers all over the world. Demetrius Houser makes sure your ears are satisfied and that you vibe to the groove.

Power of Love is now your favorite choice at CDBaby.

Bryard Huggins – Calhoun Street

Bryard Huggins is a 23-year old composer, producer, and recording artist from Nashville, Tennessee. Since the tender age of 4 when he stumbled upon his God-given gift on the piano, he has since developed into a prolific pianist and performer. His music is timeless and intricate, yet relaxing and modern. Bryard describes his composing process as simple: a song could come into his head at anytime. No initial thought involved. His gift allows him to then develop that simple melody into a complete song, composing and arranging all the instruments to bring the song to completion.

Bryard exploded in the music industry with the release of his debut album Artistic Touch in 2011. Artistic Touch combines world music vibes with traditional jazz and contemporary jazz and new age elements. Bryard still describes it as “the one that started it all”. 2013 saw the release of Bryard’s second album Visual. Recorded at the famed Potter’s House in Jacksonville, Florida, Bryard went into the studio with producers Michael Taylor and Mo Henderson, working around the clock to bring Visual to life. Meant to be his fresh new album on the heels of him starting his freshman year at College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) at the University of Cincinnati, Visual mixes fresh, fusion and electronic elements with pop, reggae, and bossa nova. It received high praise from the university upon its release, being featured in a university-wide press release by the director of his major. In 2014, at the end of his freshman year at CCM, Bryard premiered his third release The Way Home, based on his homesickness while at college and his love for his hometown of Nashville.

Calhoun Street was released in November 2017. This album is available on

Brad Hatfield – After Dark: Smooth Jazz and Cocktails

Drawing on influences from jazz greats and more commercially oriented writers and performers, Brad and Gaye have produced music that lives well in the background but can also move to the foreground. These songs were written and produced for their work in Film and TV, and are featured here without dialogue! The recordings featured some of Boston’s best musicians along with the co-writing talents of Chris Plante on a couple of tracks.

We hope you’ll enjoy both the compositions as well as the musicianship, and have fun identifying some of our sources of musical inspiration! After Dark: Smooth Jazz and Cocktails is a collection of songs written and performed in a contemporary style, with a tip of the hat to influences including Miles Davis, Steely Dan and Robben Ford.

This album is available on CDBaby.

Chris Standring – Sunlight

Guitarist Chris Standring has already received a variety of positive reviews. All critics agree that his music is innovative, captivating and always reinventing itself. His high recognition value is confirmed by the high attendance of his notable concerts. His newest album, Sunlight, is exactly on this success line.

Among the valuable artists are Rodney Lee (guitar), Andre Berry, Jimmy Haslip (bass), Chris Coleman, David Karasony (drums), Mica Paris (vocals), John Novello, Bob James (piano), Roberto Vally (upright bass), Peter Christlieb, Brandon Fields (sax), Hans Zermulen (keys). Chris Standring performs on this album guitars, keyboards, programming and arranging.

The first tune Static in the Attic awakes the memory of magic Acid Jazz. This blend of jazz riffs with acid sounds reminds of the late guitarist Ronny Jordan who spearheaded the Acid Jazz movement in the early 1990s. Aphrodisiac is a libido increasing substance. Standring proves that even music can have an intoxicating effect.

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SWR Big Band – A Cool Breeze

Led by Sammy Nestico, the SWR Big Band delivers big time with A Cool Breeze (SWR Music, 2017). Nestico brings elements of fusion, swing and orchestral sounds with a mix of original songs and classics.

The saxophones: Klaus Graf, Matthias Erlewein, Axel Kuhn, Andreas Maile and Pierre Paquette; trumpets: Nemanja Jovanovic, Felice Civitaraele, Karl Farrent, Claus Reichstaller and Rudolf Reindl; trombones: music director Marc Godfroid, Ernst Hutter, Ian Cumming and Georg Maus; Klaus Wagenleiter, piano and keys; Klaus-Peter Schopfer, guitar; Decebal Badila, bass; and Guido Joris, drums, percussion, mallets and Celtic dulcimer.

“Along Came Betty” is given a pop slash groove treatment, noted especially by the rhythm guitar, drums and laid-back mood of the entire piece. Soloists are Wagenleiter (keyboard), Godfroid and Maile (tenor). The beauty of big band music comes through on this and other tracks, and that’s when different sections of instruments carry the melody at one point with others as background or counter-melody, and then another family steps up. Here, all three groups – trumpets, trombones and saxophones – take a turn.

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