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Phillip Brandon – The Story Begins

Every once in a blue moon an album comes along that feels as if it fell from a sky that opened and dropped it on a thirsty blue planet as an offering of love and hope. Phillip Brandon’s The Story Begins is that gift – ten lovingly crafted songs in a warm wraparound throwback matrix of soul-stirring Contemporary Jazz, R&B and Pop that will place listeners under a tranquil spell of artful gratitude.

“I love the music of yesteryear…when Pop wasn’t a format, just what was legitimately popular,” Phillip shares. “I want to get back to a day when that comes back. In the meantime, I create songs from the heart and a spiritual space of hope. I came to understand long ago that there is a learning experience in all we do.”

Indeed, Phillip’s first full-length CD (following one self-titled five-song EP) offers fortifying musings on life and love destined to become balms of restoration for souls struggling to make their way in 2017’s apparently unraveling universe (A. Scott Galloway).

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