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Catch the Groove – Smilin’ in Paradise

A few years ago, as a funked-up, multi-faceted smooth urban jazz vibe was taking hold of his emerging Jacksonville, FL ensemble, guitarist and group founder, Ellis White, and his bandmates were working on tunes to incorporate into their live set. One day during rehearsal, White called out, “Hey, did you catch that groove I just did?” That phrase became the perfect moniker for the freewheeling, high octane, rhythm-driven band. Catch The Groove’s debut EP Smilin’ In Paradise, is full of cherry-picked tracks that the band recorded to reflect all the high energy, sensual and soulful magic they’re known for on stage. Guitarist/Producer, Nils wrote and produced their first single, “Shaken Not Stirred” – an infectious old school soul-jazz tune which features funky old school horns (creating a buoyant, classic Stevie Wonder-like vibe) and crisp, tight
electric guitar.

Dig a little deeper and Catch The Groove turns on the candlelight for “When I See Your Smile”, an elegant and atmospheric keyboard and passionate sax-driven ballad with an easy crunching groove. “She’s My Groove” eases from a raw distorted percussive industrial vibe with darkly toned moodiness into a bright blast of bass fired fusion. The groove intensive “Paradise” is a whimsical musical joy showcasing the powerhouse playing of each member with the flavor of the Islands and features alternating lead melody horn lines from Michael’s sax and Max’s Trumpet along with cool injections by White’s guitar. Beginning life as an older piece “Bolero De Funk” is a lively, tight funk jam with Latin overtones – including a tasteful electric guitar solo. “The fun part of this band,” says Ellis “is getting to play, perform and now write and record with an amazingly talented and diverse group of musicians. I have a tremendous amount of respect for these fabulous guys. We work well together because everyone brings a uniquely creative spirit and musical voice to the mix.”

Smilin’ in Paradise is available under contemporary jazz on CDBaby.