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Reunion4 – Reunion4

Reunion4, whose members are Mitch Holder/Guitar, Eddie Arkin/Guitar, Abraham Laboriel/Bass, and Paul Leim/Drums, started playing all original material written by Eddie and Mitch at the renowned Donte’s Supper Club in L.A. from 1977 to approximately 1982. During that time, the group never recorded.

“We all went forward with our individual careers and now, after all these years, we’ve gone back and recorded several of the original songs dating from 1977 to tunes written over the course of thirty plus years. That’s the theme of this project and as we started the first of two days recording”, Paul said, “It’s like we never stopped playing; we’re just picking right up right from where we left off.The four of us are very excited about this project and we hope all of you will like hearing a span of music that covers all these years between our last live gig as a quartet right up to the present.”

Reunion4, a gem of contemporary jazz also favorable for smooth jazz fans, is now arrived at CDBaby.