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Paul Tuvman – Riding the Jetstream

Paul Tuvman‘s first project, Musically Speaking, is a compilation of songs he has written over the past 30 years. A lot of good fortune came his way with this project. He met singer Cassandra Ward (vocals on “I can see clearly now”) on a cruise ship where she was a performer. He loved her voice and asked if she’d be available for some demo work after the cruise. Mixing and Mastering Engineer Matt LaPoint is a good friend who introduced him to digital recording. Matt played a key role in helping him lay down a foundation of work to build upon. Rong-Huey Liu, a world-renowned oboe player, recruited Paul for a chamber ensemble class she was teaching. It was a great challenge for him, and they did some beautiful performances together. They became good friends and she graciously accepted his request to play oboe on “Laurie’s Lullaby.”

Lastly Rick Braun. Not only is he a world-class musician, producer, and performer, Rick is also a great person. They met through a mutual friend. After hearing he was a good piano player and songwriter, Rick asked Paul to send him some of his tunes. He called him later in the day telling Paul he was serious about sending him some of his work. Paul sent Rick some MP3’s and he liked his compositions and offered to help out with the production of some of the tunes. Paul just can’t say enough good things about Rick Braun!

The result is Riding the Jetstream, an album which is available at