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Loyd Watson, Jr. – Intimate Sessions

Loyd Watson, Jr. is to modern jazz what Miles Davis was to the hard-bop movement: a trendsetter. To be a trendsetter, one must be versatile enough to saturate himself in all areas of music and have the ability to take all that he/she has immersed themselves with and produce a sound of their own. That task is daunting in and of itself, but trendsetters make accomplishing that task looks easy. Loyd’s path to greatness began in West Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a place from which no one would expect such genius.

Loyd plays a Selmer Super Action 80, Series II Tenor Saxophone, a Cannonball Professional Model Alto Saxophone & Cannonball Raven, and Selmer Super Action 80, Series II Soprano Saxophone. Multiple Personality and By The Way Of … are his previous albums. His new album is called Intimate Sessions. Unfortunately one cannot find any sound files at CDBaby.