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Cameron Ross – Power

Cameron Ross, a native of Osceola, AR, comes from a heritage deeply rooted in God and music. As a child, he always knew that he had a place in music, but didn’t know exactly where. That all changed when he entered the 6th grade. Determined to play the drums, he signed up for middle school band. However, his parents told him that he had to play the saxophone. “I didn’t want to play it because it had too many buttons.” After being tired of always getting the last chair in band class, he decided to take his sax home and actually practice it. This resulted in him getting the first chair and he has been soaring since.

Soothing and soulful are the words used to describe Cameron’s music. Currently, Cameron is staying busy by touring and working on his second music project. Music has taken him all across the country and even into Canada to perform. He has performed and shared the stage with artists such as Kirk Whalum, J. Moss, Nick Colionne, Althea Rene, Karen Clark, Ty Tribbett, Ben Tankard, and many others. Cameron has been called to perform the National Anthem twice for the Memphis Grizzlies and has performed on several television stations such as TBN and The Bobby Jones Gospel Show. He is also a music educator in the Memphis school system, travels lecturing as a motivational speaker, and music clinician. Cameron performs a large range of music from smooth jazz, straight ahead jazz, soul, and gospel. His goal is to provide great music that uplifts and inspires the listener.

His newest project is entitled Power and it’s so new that you cannot even pre-order the album now, although I admit that the cover design is gorgeous. Marque Walker did the mastering and has been putting the finishing polish on this project. It will be available on all of the online music stores such as iTunes and google play. Physical copies are now available on