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Everett B. Walters – Early Mornin’ Dr.

Guitarist, Michael Everett Brown, and Bassist, Harold Walter Brown III, the two brothers from the south side of Chicago are the founders and driving force behind the jazz/funk group Everett B. Walters. Their funky, smooth and danceable rhythms make for an outstanding live show and those same fresh grooves are carried throughout their album. Growing up in Chicago, the Brown brothers started their career in the Chicago Vocational Music Program but it was a neighborhood friend, Tom Washington (Tom-Tom 84), who recorded and arranged with super-group Earth, Wind and Fire that influenced them most. Tom would come by their practices and invited them to record with him and introduced them to writing & pre-production.

The band has already released several albums. Their newest one is entitled Early Mornin’ Dr., a combination of smooth jazz, r&b, soul, and funk. Get it now at CDBaby.