Kool&Klean – Volume VII

Lovers of the music of Paul Hardcastle’s The Jazzmasters and Kim Waters’ Streetwize series will be captured by the magic of Kool&Klean. Creator of these popular series is saxophonist Konstantin Klashtorni, who lives since several years in Germany, where his activity rises to unimagined heights.

Among the plethora of his serial productions Kool&Klean is the one with the most frequent following albums. The preoccupation of music enthusiasts is already assuming biblical proportions. Volume VII was just released in September 2017. Almost taken for granted now: Konstantin has written, performed and produced all tracks.

The album starts with Beyond The Horizon, in which all the elements that made Klashtorni’s music great have been genuinely reunited. A wonderful flow, excellent music instrumentation, and all ingredients necessary for the ultimate attraction.

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