Mike Murray – Sax Man

Smooth jazz, chill composer, musician and producer Mike Murray, has been creating musically aural delights since 2007 that will satisfy anyone who loves musicians like Bob James, FourPlay, Jazzmasters, Hiroshima and Ryan Farish. While the musical comparisons to these artists are to establish the genre, Mike Murray is in a league by himself and clearly has re-defined the musical genres known as “Chill-Out” and “Smooth Jazz” by blending them masterfully. Mike has managed to artfully bridge the gap between the two musical genres by writing strong melodies and utilizing electronic instrumentation with organic sensibilities, world influences and luxurious grooves.

Sax Man is jazzy smooth, chilled to taste and prime time ready – Mike Murray cranks it up with Sax Man Daniel Chia and KCentric in this uniquely refined, and unforgettable groove zone. Get it now at CDBaby.

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