Copacetic – Copacetic

Copacetic is a group of brothers that love God and love music. This project is a culmination of their hearts and souls coming together to create something that intrigues the ears and warms the soul. With roots in Gospel, Jazz, and Soul, the group worked to create a blend of their experiences and musical interest for this soul-stirring, smooth jazz EP that is sure to appeal to many. The group wanted to create an initial project that would represent their feel-good approach to life and music. The mood on this EP ranges from smooth and mellow to energetic and groovin’. This project has a jazz mix that is sure to touch you.

Their name “Copacetic” simply means “all is well” or “everything is cool”. That is the goal each time they perform – for those listening to walk away with a great listening experience and feeling that everything is cool, all is well. Imagine painting a picture with your favorite colors, mixing and blending them until just the right shade and feel. That is what listening to this release by Copacetic is like. A “just- right” sound that is both soothing and exciting to hear. As you listen to the music we hope that you are not only entertained but touched and inspired. If you need to relax your mind or tap your feet then Copacetic has what you need. Copacetic …

Contemporary Jazz Music for the Soul now at CDBaby.

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