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Dimitri K – Slim Profile

Dimitri Kovachev a.k.a. Dimitri K is haling from Sofia, Bulgaria, where he was very active in the 80’s. Now he works as a music composer, producer and publisher, with a recording production studio in Orlando, Central Florida.

He has already released several smooth jazz albums, among them So Intensified (2016), Silence (2017) and Slim Profile (2017). The latter is dedicated to late jazz musician Harry Hall, who played on his compositions soprano, alto and tenor sax, clarinet and flute.

You have to bring some time, if you listen to Slim Profile. Because this album does not deal with smooth jazz in the traditional sense. The title song starts like a score of a film noir with the atmosphere of a Parisian café featuring an electric guitar in the lead performing careful chords accompanied by a saxophone underlining the melancholy.

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