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The JT Project – Another Chance

The JT Project: A multi-talented force of sound that brings forth a unique musical conceptualisation. A new genre in music called JT. Adventurous and bold, Jacob Webb (Keyboards/Bass) and Todd Schefflin (Saxophone), leaders of The JT Project, knew that it would take more than just a passing interest in music to become the creative force that they envisioned. Jacob commands each stroke on the keyboard to awaken the soul with a touch of fire, and Todd caresses the notes to life with every breath.

Todd hailing from Philadelphia, and Jacob from Kansas City, the two musician’s paths collided in 2007 at the prestigious William Paterson University music department in New Jersey. After an immediate musical connection, Jacob and Todd started writing music together, which eventually led to the formation of The JT Project in 2009. The JT Project has exponentially expanded into a musical collective, incorporating the most talented Jazz and Soul musicians in New York City.

The new album Another Chance will be released on September 1, 2017 (Trippin & Rhythm Records) and can be preordered at