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Tal Cohen – Gentle Giants

Pianist Tal Cohen bridges jazz with classical on Gentle Giants (Inner Circle Music, 2017).

In session with Cohen are Greg Osby, alto saxophone; Jamie Oehlers, tenor saxophone; Robert Hurst, bass; and Nate Winn, drums.

Often when paired horns lead a jazz song, it’s two instruments from different families, such as a trumpet or trombone (brass) and a saxophone or clarinet (woodwind or reed). Two saxes bring a different dynamic, as Osby and Oehlers blend or overlap. That pairing launches “Great PK (for Shuli),” an upbeat jaunt. With Hurst and Winn digging it in the background, the middle section features a series of solos by Cohen, Oehlers and Osby. Each goes to town by a different path, enjoying all the scenery. In the liner, Cohen explains that the song is dedicated to his sister, Aviv, whom he calls “Shuli.” The “PK” refers to their friend, PK the Dog, an odd mix of Dachshund and golden retriever.

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