Ronny Smith – Shake It Up

Guitarist Ronny Smith is back with Shake It Up. As writer, producer, arranger and programmer, with ten well-chosen original tracks, this is a superb example of the tight melodic style that categorizes Ronny’s playing. Mellow tones, subtle creativity, and his ability to groove over catchy rhythms leaves you breathless. Touches of each of his influences, Wes Montgomery, George Benson and Pat Martino, just to name a few.

Ronny grooves, caresses and works his way through a song with maturity. Take for instance the grooving, mellifluous “Coast To Coast”, featuring Scott Martin on sax, Tone Whitfield on bass and Will Allen on drums, that he uses to get the album started or the wonderfully easy grooving “Chasing Your Love” featuring Eddy Botts on keyboards. Both are fine examples of Ronny at his very best and much the same can be said of the foot tapping title cut, Shake It Up. Later, when Quincy Jones’ horn players, The Martin Brothers, joins the line-up he adds some spice to the decidedly funky “Bettin It All On Black” and although “Back It Up” starts out in tranquil fashion it quickly develops into a tune with attitude.

“Chasing Your Love” is one of several cuts where Reggie Wilson on bass and Will Allen on drums lay a rock solid foundation from which Smith’s playing really shines and despite “Feel For You” being another number that re-enforces the mid-tempo groove that permeates much of the collection, the Latin driven intensity of “When The Sun Goes Down”, featuring Jeff Knoettner on piano, proves to be a powerful way in which to bring the CD to a close.

The album will be released on August 4, 2017 (Pacific Coast Jazz) and is available for pre-order at

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