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Walter Kittle – Full Circle

Dr. Walter Kittle, known to other musicians as “Dr. Bass” was just 5 when his love for music started. But his journey to playing music full time has taken decades. The bassist/composer has released his second album, Full Circle. Kittle comments: “I think music has always been in my genes. After practicing as a chiropractor for 35 years, my wife finally told me to go back into music. She knew that was my first passion.” Kittle started as a music major at Michigan State University and gigged frequently in the area. “I did a lot of volunteer work, playing at churches or for friends,” Kittle said. “I’ve always loved music and thought I’d be a performer,”

While bass players generally hang out in the back of the ensemble, Kittle uses a piccolo bass guitar that puts his sound out in front. “It sounds like a jazz guitar,” Kittle said. “It might come as a shock to many, but it’s a bass. It’s unknown and unique for a jazz artist.”

A fresh smooth jazz guitar album that is available as download at CDBaby.