Jackiem Joyner – Main Street Beat

After Baby Soul (2007), Lil’ Man Soul (2008), Jackiem Joyner (2010), Church Boy (2012) and Evolve (2014) it would simply be an understatement, to describe saxophonist Jackiem Joyner as someone still in development. Jackiem Joyner has gained cult status and Main Street Beat (2017) is the exclamation point behind this statement.

The new album features besides the Yamaha performing artist Jackiem Joyner a dream cast of musicians like Timothy Bailey Jr. (multi instruments), Kyle Bolden and Darryl Williams (bass), Dee-Cole-Laing, Nikolai Egarov and Britt Frappier (trombone), Nick Colionne, Michael “Big Mike” Hart Jr., Steve Oliver, Gabe Roland and Carnell Harnell (guitar), and Raymond Johnson (tenor saxophone).

The center of a town, of urban activities and cultural diversity is often called Main Street. This song embraces the ease and grace with which city life can be approached and brings all into the musical focus of Jackiem’s saxophone.

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