Roberto Restuccia – When The Smoke Clears

After the success of his (2016) debut album Exposure, UK guitarist Roberto Restuccia has dug deep into his composing skills and follows it up in (2017) with his self produced blues/jazz album entitled When The Smoke Clears featuring 8 original tracks. The album kicks off with the track “Mei” with sweet melodic guitar licks that almost sing to you. The 2nd track “When I’m With You” features a smooth combination of sax and guitar with saxophonist Rock Hendricks doing the honours on this track and also on the mid-tempo “Love Crazy”.

The title track is a laid back vibe that will transcend you to far away places. “Sensual” sees Roberto making full use of his fretboard to display his use of rhythmic jazz chords alongside some tasty melodic lead guitar. The next track on the album is called “Hooked” and this track will do exactly that as Roberto plays you the blues. “Through the Roof” sees Roberto on electric acoustic guitar and the album finishes with the floating “Dancing Souls” that is reminiscent of the early Fleetwood Mac “Albatross” sound. Roberto has put his heart and soul into this, his 2nd album and his hard work has paid off on every composition in this outstanding contender for my album of the year so far. When the Smoke Clears, you’ll find yourself dazed but never confused by this young guitarist’s skills and ever growing smooth jazz fan base.

Get the album now at iTunes.

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