Jason Anick and Jason Yeager – United

Jason squared? Possibly even Jason tripled, or whatever the mathematical equivalent of a tripling of something may be. Jason Anick and Jason Yeager team up for pleasing mix of old and new with United (Inner Circle Music, 2017).

The musicians are Jason Anick, violin and mandolin; Jason Yeager, piano; Greg Loughman, bass; Mike Connors, drums; John Lockwood, bass; Jerry Leake, percussion; Jason Palmer, trumpet; Clay Lyons, alto saxophone; and George Garzone, tenor saxophone.

Often, people who aren’t used to jazz will describe the sound as “so relaxing.” To many, that is taken as a bit of an insult – as if the speaker is saying jazz is boring, sleep-inducing. United is one example of how that description, relaxing, can be both accurate and positive.

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