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Scott Wilkie – StudioLIVE

Keyboardist Scott Wilkie has retained the youthful appearance of a competitive surfer over decades. After his move from Detroit to Southern California, a real surfer paradise, he began his creative phase with the debut album Boundless (1999), followed by More Than You Know (2000), Home Again: The Solo Piano Sessions (2008), The Wonder of Christmas (2013), All In (2014) and Joy (2015). StudioLIVE is his project for 2017.

Scott performs on this album piano and electric piano and is joined by his friends Dave Hill (guitars), Nathan Brown (bass), Monette Mariono (percussion), and Jeff Olson (drums). Greg Holmes (B3) and Erdis Maxhelaku (cello) are further mentioned musicians. Scott has written and arranged all songs.

The journey begins with NB2000, a marvelous filigree and profound piano piece with fulminating climax and quieter periods. Trendsetting innovative Scott excels on his favorite instrument. On Poolside he celebrates space-filling, expansive and demanding piano attacks perfectly underlined by a synth variation.

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