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Amsterdam Connection – Isn’t She Lovely

Not only tulips come from Amsterdam. From the canal city derive Tim ‘Harmony’ Welvaars & Naomi Adriaansz with their new formation Amsterdam Connection. Under their previous group name Team Harmony both already released the debut album Two Souls One Breath (2015). Their new project is entitled Isn’t She Lovely (2017).

Tim Welvaars is a prolific veteran harmonica player with more than 30 albums on his belt. Naomi Adriaansz’ instrument of choice is the tenor saxophone. The album title indicates it, the CD is dedicated as an instrumental tribute to the legendary Stevie Wonder, an artist that Tim himself played together yet. All songs were previously composed and performed by Stevie.

The album was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by multi Grammy Award-winning producer and guitarist Paul Brown. Guest musicians on selected tracks are Gordon Campbell, Jeffrey Caruthers, Marco Basci and Lew Laing Jr. (drums, bass, keys), Paul Brown and Marc Antoine (guitars), Nathan East and Roberto Vally (bass), Jessy J (flute).

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