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Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet – Echoes of Europe

From a military-related encounter comes Echoes of Europe (Artists Recording Collective, 2017) by the Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet.

The quintet consists of Massa, piano; Christopher Burnett, alto saxophone and clarinet; Charles Gatshet, guitar; Andrew W. Stinson, bass; and Clarence Smith, drums. Additional musicians are Terri Anderson Burnett and Freda Proctor, flute; Marcus Hampton, flugelhorn; and Stanton Kessler, flugelhorn and trumpet.

“Alone” betrays its title with a powerful sense of togetherness, highlighted by the blended sounds of guitar, piano and flute that respond to the calls of the sax. After the call and response introduction comes a series of phrases in which all players hit the same notes. All of the core quintet, except Stinson, take turns in solo. Christopher Burnett starts the sequence, followed by Massa, Gatschet and Smith. During Massa’s turn, bass and drums are intense. They lighten up behind the guitar, but inject a hint of a Latin rhythm. The sax resumes its initial call, this time answered only by Smith. The piece reverts to the multi-instrument series, ending with a short riff from Massa.

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