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Charley Langer – Happy Hour

happy-hourA classically-trained saxophonist, Charley Langer developed his technique under such masters of the instrument as Vincent Gnojek, Douglas Masek, and Laura Hunter. His experience includes numerous live venues, television, and radio; as well as performances with notables Morton Gould, John Adams, Zita Carno, the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, and others. After having been a contributing performer on numerous independent recordings, Charley has released his debut solo CD, Never the Same (2009).

His new album Happy Hour (2017) was produced by Nils, who also performs on all tracks. Further known artists of the smooth jazz genre on this album are Nate Harasim, Johnny Britt, Reggie McBride, Alex Al, Darryl Williams and more. The album is available at CDBaby.