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PXXL – A Fine Blue Line

a-fine-blue-lineWelcome to the PXXL playground! Like any good playground, there are a variety of ways to have fun and take risks. Come joins us during our favorite time of the day — a recess where we can take risks, play, and grow. PXXL are Myrick Crampton (composer, tenor sax, alto sax, bari sax, alto flute, bass flute, and clarinet), Jacob Ungerleider (keyboards), Nate Bernard (bass) and C.J. Wolfe (percussion).

On their second CD, PXXL doubles down with still more original Jazz. Plenty of blues interspersed with dreamy ballads and post-impressionistic bebop. A Fine Blue Line is available on USA’s finest platform for independent artists and progressive labels, CDBaby.