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Zolbert – Inside Out

Hungarian saxophonist Zolbert has entered the smooth jazz stage with his debut album One in 2015. Now he returns with his sophomore album Inside Out (2017).

Zolbert performs on the new album soprano, alto, tenor, baritone sax, and percussion. Players on selected tracks are fresh from the famous Hungarian jazz scene Péter Ferencz aka Peet (keyboards, synth bass, guitar, vocals, violin, drums), Marcell Tóth (piano, Rhodes, Hammond, clavinet, synths), Tibor Riskó and Gábor Udvarhelyi (guitar), Martin Gudics, Gergő Kovács and Dávid Szedlár (bass), Laci Balog, Marcell Gudics and Zsolt Nagy (drums), Miklós Markos (percussion), Áron Koós-Hutás (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Nikolas Takács (vocals).

The album gets a furious start with the uplifting Be Cool. Zolbert shows an extraordinary smooth jazz muscle with fast and precise intonation and Peet gives the song with a spontaneous outburst of a demanding Be Cool a nice edgy flavor. Step By Step fuses elements of funk and contemporary jazz that effortlessly transcends strict categorization. An amazing hybrid of genres created in depth and harmonic richness.

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