Tom Cohen – Joyride

Drummer Tom Cohen mixes old with new in his fourth release, Joyride (2016).

Accompanying Cohen are Benito Gonzales, piano; Kris Funn, bass; Mike Boone, bass; and on selected tracks, Tom Ries, tenor and soprano saxophones.

After a brief introduction titled, “Desi/Lucy,” Cohen and the gang get busy with Wayne Shorter’s “Black Nile.” Gonzalez leads, with Cohen and Funn jamming it up in the background. It’s a high-energy, finger-snapping song. The piano rolls on a frenetic pace. At the midway point, the piano brings it way down, as the bass comes forward. After Funn’s solo, Cohen cranks up the heat, showing his dexterity in a back and forth with the others. The trio plays a sequence, then Cohen stretches out on his own. They do this several times before reverting to the theme.

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