Steve Gadd Band – Way Back Home – Live from Rochester, NY

He’s only one of the greatest drummers on the planet: Steve Gadd. Greatness, for the purposes of this article, is defined by a combination of skill on the kit, diversity of genres, versatility as an ensemble player, sideman and leader, and, of course, longevity. Employing the same lineup for his 2015 release, 70 Strong, featuring live versions of selections from that album and Gadditude, as well as some older songs, Gadd comes back in concert with Way Back Home – Live from Rochester, NY (BFM Jazz, 2016).

The package includes a CD and two DVDs – one of the concert, the other with interviews.

Along with Gadd, the players are Walt Fowler, trumpet and flugelhorn; Larry Goldings, keyboards; Jimmy Johnson, bass; and Michael Landau, guitars.

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