Osaru – Stepping Up (The B-Side)

steppingupStepping Up (The B-side) is the alternate version of Osaru‘s latest release, Stepping Up. it features alternate mixes of all 10 songs in a more mellow format. He loses all the backing vocals and replaces them with a variety of mellow instruments. This creates a setting where the listener can interpret the songs in anyway they like. He continues to maintain the groove, with solid, punchy drum and bass lines accompanied by catchy melodic saxophone and keyboard phrasing. All songs are originals, written, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by the Artist. He does most of the mastering on this album.

Be it one of the slower songs like ‘Remember’, the mid-tempo Funk of ‘The Music Train’, or even the contemporary ‘What a Great Day!’, the groove and flow of the album will keep you bobbing your head and tapping your foot. Smooth Jazz featuring saxophone and keyboards. Melodic tenor and soprano saxophone phrasing is complemented by a backdrop of laid back grooves.

Check this version at CDBaby.

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