JJ Sansaverino – Waiting For You

Guitarist JJ Sansaverino has worked in various formations. His debut album Sunshine After Midnight (2005) radiates with a fusion of urban beats and Brazilian flavor with fresh horn arrangements and JJ’s unique guitar style.

His sophomore album Waiting For You (2014) was released on Innervision Records. Featuring cutting-edge musicians like bassists Chris Parks and Alex Valenti, keyboardist Etienne Lytle, saxophonist Zé Luis Oliveira, trumpeter Kevin Batchelor, trombonist Buford O’ Sullivan, vocalist Vivian Sessoms JJ Sansaverino mainly strives on guitar and keyboards.

With the aptly titled Intro JJ sets his premier mark as dynamic guitarist with a rich diversity of guitar voicing. Back Talk casts a backward glance to the time of exciting crime thrillers when the spectators draw their suspense from the criminal acts and the captivating film themes.

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