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Bob McCarroll – Songs for Low Light Conditions

songs-for-low-light-conditionsCanadian born, Scottish raised and still a UK citizen, Bob has lived in the U.S. since 1970. He started playing guitar at age of 10 and has always had a strong passion for melody. Bob’s musical interests range from singer/songwriter, Americana, jazz fusion and all the way to The Great American Songbook. To date, Bob has 6 CD projects on the market. Recently, Bob has focused his songwriting abilities on writing songs in the Singer/Songwriter/Americana style of music and is scheduled to have a new CD released in the first few months of 2017. The title of the CD will be Sixty. Bob’s latest CD project, titled These Few Moments, consists of 10 original songs written in the American Songbook style.

Songs for Low Light Conditions is a collection of 5 original songs (plus one public domain cover) that were previously unpublished but that the artist felt good enough about to share them with you. These songs range from solo acoustic guitar to full band compositions. For the most part, all instruments are played by Bob McCarroll. For download only at CDBaby.