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F. Gregory Holland – For Every Moment ( Special Edition)

for-every-momentF. Gregory Holland is an author, composer, guitarist musician, songwriter and business professional. Making artistic contributions as a studio musician, Greg’s style is improvisational, with a Jazz Fusion flare. Primarily contributing instrumental work, his compositions often include mixing a blend of blues, jazz and rock styles, ranging from vibrant melodies to mood-filled solo techniques. Greg’s musical influences are extensive, predominantly stemming from traditional blues and gospel, as well as contemporary jazz and rock disciplines.

Share the sounds and melodies of this beautiful and gracious piece of music. Primarily mellow contemporary jazz, For Every Moment, is presented as the 10th Digital Album by Composer and Guitarist Musician F. Gregory Holland. The title composition, with its intriguing melody has a way of moving one to reflect upon how each moment we have is truly a gift, like no other. We trust that listening to this album will be a pleasure.

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