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Peter White – Groovin’

A highlight of my life was the private concert, which Peter White gave in the circle of a selected fan base during the Smooth Jazz Cruise 2005. He could access a great song repertoire with ease. He was playing so to speak “you-asked-for-it” songs.

This broad knowledge of well-known songs is also mirrored in his typical cover albums Reflections (1994) and Playin’ Favorites (2006). He continues this tradition with Groovin’ (2016).

Peter is performing on this album guitars, accordion, keyboards and programming. He is accompanied on selected tracks by Rick Braun and Don Harris (trumpet), Vincent Ingala (sax), Dave Camp (flute), Bill Harris (sax, flute ); Ozzie Melendez (trombone), Charlotte White (violin), Ricky Lawson and Eric Valentine (drums), Ramon Yslas (congas, timbales and percussion), David Dyson, Donald Patterson and Roberto Vally (bass), Selina Albright, Caesar, Amber DiLena, Kiki Ebsen, Leticia Renee Lumpkins, Susie Rose Major, David Sparkman and Stevo Theard (vocals). DC makes additional programming.

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