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Darren Motamedy – All About Love

allaboutloveSince 1989 Darren Motamedy has released 11 albums: First Generation, Square One, Dangerously Close, Peace, The Best of Darren Motamedy, It’s All Good, Relax Your Mind, Intimate, Don’t Cha Know, Gruv Horn, and All About Love. All About Love delves deeply into nine smooth jazz cuts. “I wanted to allow the songs to be a longer and allow them to breathe” exclaims Motamedy. Each song is written with purpose and played thoughtfully and soulfully. Most of the works on All About Love are not only written by Motamedy but also played by him. Floetic Smooth has Motamedy playing trumpet, trombone, saxes, pianos, and programming all of the drums and bass guitars. Portionte’ Floes adds to vocal twist and the spoken word.

All About Love is exactly what it’s about. Songs written in the name of Love. This album is “All About Cruising” down the highway and letting the music take you there. This Album is “All About Romance” and a candlelight dinner. This Album is “All About Feeling Good” and letting go.

Get the smoothest and best yet from Darren Motamedy here.