Journeys – New Destinations

Suisse based fusion jazz formation Journeys consists of saxophonist Philippe Mall, guitarist Ueli Gasser, percussionist Willy Kotoun, drummer and percussionist Robert Mark, keyboardist and pianist Angelo Signore and bassist Luciano Maranta. All work with different bands and projects. New Destinations (2016) is their common denominator. Their debut album is Different Places, which was released in 2004.

With the new album the band celebrates their 10th anniversary. Cool Breeze is the result of Angelo Signore’s stay in Italy on the Mediterranean sea. The piece starts under-cooled before it accelerates in expansive piano cadences. Guitarist Dennis Roshard composed Joy in thankfulness to his friends Geraldine and Nicholas, who share their personal happiness with him. An energetic bundle of positive sounds.

Not Yet by Philippe Mall is the musical realization of profound wisdom offering a variety of styles from melodious jazz to fusion. Don Roberto is a Latin tinged tune with Mediterranean elements and an ecstatic percussion beyond the mental sphere. Dave Is Back is influenced by the contemporary west coast style of Dave Grusin during the heyday of the label GRP.

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