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Chris Geith – Well Tempered Love

Keyboardist Chris Geith started his musical career with the album Forever Again in 1996. His sophomore album Prime Time followed in 2006 and was a major hit on Timeless World (2007), Island Of A Thousand Dreams (2010) and Chasing Rainbows (2014) were also chart toppers.

Now he is back with the album Well Tempered Love (2016). I mention all these albums to bring to mind how long Chris is already in the music business. The cat cannot stop chasing mice and a full-blooded musician releases music as long as he can still breathe.

Chris performs on his new album keyboards, acoustic piano and programming. Guest musician on selected tracks is saxophonist Vincent Ingala. Chris is not the typical smooth jazz pianist. In contrary he is an avid hiker between the worlds of smooth jazz and new age.

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