Todd Hunter Trio – Eat, Drink, Play

Life experience is the inspiration for the Todd Hunter Trio’s Eat, Drink, Play (Dexterity Records, 2016).

Hunter plays piano. Dave Robaire handles bass on all but one track. Rufus Philpot covers it on the closer, “210 to the 15.” Drum duties are split between Steve Hass and Aaron Serfaty.

The opening track is the sunny, upbeat, “Big Bird.” It’s a happy, proud strut through the neighborhood, occasionally changing pace to toss a ball back to a group of kids, or wave to someone on the porch. Hunter can hardly contain his excitement as he plays those keys with the vigor of one who has no troubles on his mind. About two-thirds of the way in, the leader steps aside, giving Robaire a moment to stretch out. The title was inspired by someone Hunter met during travels. The individual reminded Hunter of the Sesame Street character.

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