Reza Khan – Wind Dance

Wind DanceThe Bangladesh born and raised, NYC based composer/guitarist’s fourth album features powerhouse performances by Andy Snitzer, Rick Braun, Mark Egan, Miles Gilderdale (Acoustic Alchemy), Nelson Rangell, Philippe Saisse.

“Reza Khan’s music is at once adventurous and whimsical. His compositions are evocative and cinematic. They create quite a mood. Also, I really appreciate Reza’s dedication to highlighting improvisation as a main element in his contemporary pop/jazz writing…” – Nelson Rangell

“I really enjoyed playing on Reza’s material and was flattered that he wanted my involvement. He’s an extremely generous guy and gave me a beautiful canvass and no restrictions to work with. Apart from Reza himself there are some heavy hitters on this album so it was just a pleasure to add to the mix.” – Miles Gilderdale Music (Acoustic Alchemy)

Reza Khan offers Wind Dance now at CDBaby.

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