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Aziza Miller – This Journey Of Love

This Journey of LoveAziza Miller comments her new album: “My music reflects what I have gone through or hope to experience in my life. The ups and downs, the highs and lows which people can often relate to. The music for this project was in fact a journey of love interpreted so beautifully by all who participated in this recording. This CD, Journey of love is dedicated to my sister in music, my sister in song, the late, Great Natalie Cole, who hired me to be her first musical director and pianist when she first hit the music scene in 1975 (I was known as Linda Williams back then from a previous marriage). Thank you Natalie for showing me unconditional love, believing in my talent through the years and being a tremendous inspiration in my life! Rest in paradise.

This Journey Of Love is original music, featuring sounds of smooth jazz, samba, funk, pop and soulful house music. You get it at CDBaby.