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A Different Vibe – Endless Summer

Endless SummerADV (A Different Vibe); Donald Payne (Drums) and Lloyd Foulks (Bass) both have spent the last 20 years keeping the pocket for many great talents. Their joy and passion for music was discovered at a very young age. Coming from talented families, helped influence both of them even more. The two never imagined that what started in the basement of Detroit would grow into years of sharing the duties as the rhythm section. Donald and Lloyd have worked closely with music producers on various projects, and have developed an understanding of a producer’s role within the recording process. Co-producing their own band’s music while involving themselves in every stage of recordings, from pre-production in the rehearsal studio, through to the finishing touches in the mastering suites.

Fast-forward to our present date and you will find Donald and Lloyd in front of the music as music producers instead of performers. Bringing with them a fresh style and a groove that can only be produced the way The Rhythm Section would do it. The sound of ADV has a smooth jazz vibe, influenced by an urban groove. Their newest project Endless Summer is now on sale at CDBaby.