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Motown Moe – Higher Nature

Higher NatureMotown Moe is a Detroit area producer and keyboard player with six CD’s to his credit. Moe’s playing style ranges from Herbie Hancock to Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Motown Moe has worked with the likes of fellow producer and keyboardist Nate Harasim, guitarists Daniel Domenge, DF Michael, James Davis, and Mike James, along with sax players Randy Sherwood, and Martin Sharpe. His previous albums range from chill, rnb, to smooth jazz. Motown Moe describes his sound as very relaxing and soothing to the soul and spirit, classy music to warm your heart and mind. Moe’s influences include Greg Karkus, Marcus Johnson, Kevin Toney, Bob Baldwin, Jeff Lorber, and Nate Harasim.

Higher Nature is a project for people who enjoy wonderful smooth jazz. It’s a new splendid combination of tracks that cover House, Gospel, Chillz way. This music takes you on a ride to a number of fun places. Motown Moe once again provides grooves influenced by his Motor City up bringing as well as his love for the LA jazz scene and Minn-St. Paul RnB influenced by Jam-Lewis and the late Prince.

Higher Nature lives at CDBaby.