Bobby Wells – Back In The Day

Bobby Wells is since more than twenty years in the recording industry. Wait A Minute (1994) was his debut album in the Blues genre. In 2005 he released the smooth jazz album Bayside with an array of top notch musicians. With Here with You Lord (2010) he praised his Savior Jesus Christ.

Now he returns with the album Back In The Day (2016). While most of the instruments are played by Bobby, he invited again his friends Gerald Albright and Darren Rahn (sax), Bob Rebholz (flute, sax), Michel O’Neill, Freddie Fox, Dr. Isidro Aybar Jr. (guitar), and as vocalists his sister Yvonne Brown and his daughter Brandy.

The album begins with She’s Playful. Bobby manages to cram in this vivid piece a great array of stunning instrumental performance. But it’s Michel O’Neill, George Benson’s longtime guitarist, who elevates the magic flow with his arsenal of guitar and bass.

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