Paul Taylor – Countdown

CountdownIn the 19 years since Paul Taylor first got On The Horn with his hit debut album, he s enjoyed an extraordinary journey in the contemporary urban jazz world.
From the start of his recording career, Taylor has created his ever cool deeply soulful and rhythmic trip-hop influenced sound by working with some of urban jazz and R&B s top producers, including Rex Rideout, Barry J. Eastmond and The Heavyweights. But one of the most important architects of the saxman s core flow has been Dino Esposito, who helped Taylor establish his vibe with On The Horn and Pleasure Seeker, and has played a powerful role in the saxophonist s evolution by helming tracks on his subsequent recordings Undercover, Hypnotic, Nightlife, Prime Time and Tenacity.

Countdown marks the return of Dino Esposito who for the second album in a row is the sole producer. “I’m always trying to grow as an artist, so there were ideas going all the time as we developed these tracks,” he adds. “I definitely have an established sound, so the key was having an open mind and being honest when we hit on a certain vibe, groove or lick I had done before and taking the tune in another direction,” says Taylor. Countdown also finds Paul working with guest artist Peter White. Taylor’s mix of funk and sensuality were a natural fit for the emerging urban jazz genre, and he soon became one of its core artists.

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