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Keiko Matsui – Journey To The Heart

Tokyo born pianist Keiko Matsui is not just a jazz player. Part of her music is emotionality but also spirituality. This is shown not only by her musical depth but also her very cordial relationship to fans and listeners. Keiko states꞉ “Journey To The Heart is my gift to my fans. I want to deliver the most beautiful and emotional experience.”

Keiko has composed all songs on the new album. She is accompanied by bassist Carlitos del Puerto, who also produced and arranged this project, drummer Jimmy Branley, guitarist Ramon Stagnero, percussionist Luis Quintero, harmonica player Gregoire Maret and JP Mouran, who plays additional guitar on Carnival.

Moving On opens the window to Keiko’s music world with the blissful radiance of a spontaneous energy. She immediately captures the attention of the listener with an incredible flow and groove. The handcrafted sound is authentic, lively and beyond the overproduced music of fellow competitors. The nearness to pianists like Bob James and David Benoit is unmistakable.

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