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Ed Roth – Mad Beatnik

Keyboardist Ed Roth brings a wealth of experience and a diverse array of talent with Mad Beatnik (Warrior Records, 2016).

Roth plays piano, Hammond B3 organ, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, synthesizers, electronic percussion and bass guitar. For this project, all players are assigned nicknames. Roth’s is “the Wrench.” The rest are Chad “the Big Galute” Smith, drums; Rock “Astaire” Deadrick, percussion; James “Big Game” Manning, bass guitar; Andrew “Country Club” Ford, bass guitar; Joe “El Kabong” Calderon, guitar; Linda “the Queen of Scots” Taylor, guitar; Tom “Bard of Light” Scott, saxophone; Mitch “Storybook” Manker, trumpet, valve trombone and flugelhorn on “Vehicle”; and Tony “the Magnet” Grant, vocal on “Old Cool.”

Scott joins the crew for the title song, one of Roth’s originals. It’s a lively fusion of pop and jazz with a danceable beat. Roth handles a variety of keys, featuring mostly the organ, but using the piano during a transition bridge. Scott shares the lead on the melody, with all the other players funking it up in their background roles. It’s a dynamic, energetic way to open the set.

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