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Aston Grey Project – The Sensual Side

The Sensual SideIf you’re a lover of smooth jazz, then chances are you’re also a lover, period…and that’s two reasons to be excited about The Aston Grey Project’s new release, The Sensual Side. Inspired by the sensual, romantic connections that couples experience, The Sensual Side is the follow-up to the North Carolina group’s previous best-seller, Changing the Game. This latest release once again aptly showcases the talents of guitarist Reggie Graves and saxophonist Gabriel Bello, with singer Charmel Allen being joined by vocalists Nicci Canada, & Stephfon, to craft the ultimate lovers’ soundtrack.

The album primes your mind right from its opening song, “On my way home to you”: a sexy groove that immediately sets the mood. The Aston Grey Project’s artists harness a variety of styles to maintain that atmosphere, ranging from tracks like “We Were Made for Love,” reminiscent of Erykah Badu’s signature soulful sound, to the Marvin Gaye-inspired “I Want You.” Songs like “Touch It” and “Love On Replay” demonstrate the group’s ongoing development as they not only show confidence in their combined skills, but also a willingness to take risks as they experiment with different artistic styles in pursuit of a unique listening experience.

Overall, it’s a gamble that pays off handsomely: The Sensual Side succeeds in creating an album inspired by lovers, for lovers as well as a worthy addition to their growing body of work that all smooth-jazz fans will categorize as a “must-have” for their collection. Now on sale at CDBaby.