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Konstantin Klashtorni – Downtown

Multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni meanwhile has released a plethora of smooth jazz albums, I had the pleasure to review. But unforgettable is his debut album Downtown, with which his splendid career had a fulminate start.

He just had traveled the world and now decided to take his fortune in his own hand. At this time he stayed in Netherlands before he later settled in Germany. Downtown shows an artist in the beginning of his creative career. The sax is definitely in the lead and the percussion is like child’s wonderland.

On Waiting For You Konstantin expands his romantic muscles. Easy Moving relies on a stomping beat and spreads feeling good mood. The 70’s was the time of the Roland drum machines of the TR series. The TR stands for transistor rhythm. Hundreds of popular songs were propelled by these rhythm machines and Lullaby is quasi a tribute to this time.

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