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Federico Guillermo – Peace Please Federico 10

federico11Guitarist, composer, arranger, producer Federico Guillermo was born in the Bronx, NYC. He presently lives with his wife, Helena in the Champlain Valley a mile from the Adirondack Park blue line on the Saranac River. Growing up in NYC in the 60’s, a hotbed of rapidly transforming music scene and influenced by a multitude of music genres. Listening to Dylan, Donovan, the Doors, Love, Hendrix, the Animals, Wes Montgomery, John Hall, Cream, Segovia; just to name a few and a myriad of other artists along with pop radio was the inspiration to learn the guitar. Beginning guitar lessons and bass guitar lessons at 16 with the goal of getting into a band started the adventure.

Federico studied multi-track recording at the Institute of Audio Research and in the early 80’s learned how to be a professional guitarist at the Guitar Study Center in NYC. The mid 80’s with the advent of home recording, drum machines, sequencers, etc. Freddie started writing and arranging on the computer. Federico is still doing the same thing today except the gear and his chops are better. Playing guitar and guitar synthesizer along with a computer generated “band” is where the sound comes from. This is his newest creation and it’s on sale at CDBaby.