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EJ Holmes – It’s About Time

It's About TimeEJ Holmes has always had an ear for music, even as a child coming from a musical family of Cleveland, Ohio. He discovered the guitar at the age of 13. A present given to him by his grandfather, whom was a great retired jazz guitarist in Cleveland. EJ is a self-trained guitarist who has been playing the instrument for over 30 years. He has always excelled to play at the best of his ability in any group he has ventured with.

EJ Holmes plays many different styles, but his main style is smooth Jazz/R&B. You might also hear a lot of George Benson/Wes Montgomery/Norman Brown West Coast Style playing with high playing and (Scat Vocals) and including the crowd in his performance by meeting them face to face, going from table to table letting them know he appreciates their support. His new album It’s About Time is now on sale at